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Roller Conveyor Plain Chains

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Roller Conveyor Chains
U.S. Tsubaki Roller Conveyor Chains are constructed to last in your operation. These chains are typically used for conveying or elevating applications. Sidebars are fabricated from carbon or alloy steels for long wear life. Pins and bushings are made from carbon or alloy steel and heat-treated and hardened. Dimensions of pins are checked to ensure straight, smooth-wearing surface and a proper fit of the pin in the link bar. Pin and bushing holes are carefully finished to ensure true pitch accuracy and correct interference fit.

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Item #

Tipo da barra lateral

Carga média

95R Straight 13000 lb
83 R Straight 22000 lb
1113R Straight 26000 lb
US-196R Straight 18000 lb
607R Straight 21000 lb
631 R Straight 38000 lb
96R Straight 47000 lb
1131 R Straight 47000 lb
96RX Straight 70000 lb
614R Straight 38000 lb
625R Straight 25000 lb
1604 R Offset 24000 lb
2130R Offset 38000 lb
1630R Offset 43000 lb
2184R Offset 43000 lb
2184RX Offset 75000 lb
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