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Citrus Chains

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Citrus Processing
This can be a harsh environment for chain-continual operation, minimal lubrication, and corrosion. We have a line of citrus processing chains that have been engineered to meet these specialized demands. The conveyor and elevator chains with G-19 attachments that we show are commonly used to convey or elevate citrus products. The conveyor chain with D-5 attachments is used in washing, sorting, and inspection lines. These are just a few of the chains that U.S. Tsubaki can make to meet your specifications.

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Item #

Carga média

303 R w/D-5 8300 lb
53 R w/D-5 13000 lb
188 w/G-19 25000 lb
102B w/G-19 40000 lb
89R w/G-19 28000 lb
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