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X-Style and Standard Drop Forged Rivetless Chains

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Features of Drop Forged Rivetless Chain from U.S. Tsubaki
  • Precise pitch control provides consistency and reliability, especially for automated systems.
  • Smooth bearing areas extend the wear life of the chain.
  • Heat-treated parts provide hardness where it matters and reduce the chance of line break.
  • Simple design permits quick assembly or dismantling without tools.

Drop Forged Rivetless Chains from the U.S. Tsubaki Chain Division are available in a range of alloy materials or standard carbon steel. Links can be matched and tagged, magnafluxed, and plated to precise specifications, either as parts or assembled into chains of any length. U.S. Tsubaki also offers a full line of attach ments, matching sprockets, and caterpillar drive chains for all forged rivetless chains.
Specify U.S. Tsubaki Drop Forged Rivetless Chain whenever dependable material handling is required: Power and free units, multi-lane operations, trolley conveyors and overhead handling systems.
Component hardness: BHN 344 (Nom.) = Carbon steel chains; BHN 380 (Nom.) = Alloy steel chains.
Magna-flux inspected chain is available.
Dimensions are subject to change. Contact us to obtain certified prints for design and construction.

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Item #

E - Inside Width

Carga média Liga Tratada termicamente

Carga média Tratado termicamente

Carga máxima normal de trabalho

Carga máxima de flexão (lbs.)

X-348 0.750 in 24000 lb N/A 2600 lb 1200 lb
X-458 1.000 in 60000 lb 48000 lb 4000 lb 1900 lb
468 1.590 in 70000 lb N/A N/A 2980 lb
X-658 1.000 in 48000 lb N/A N/A 1990 lb
X-678 1.280 in 100000 lb 85000 lb 7100 lb 3300 lb
698 1.560 in 150000 lb 130000 lb 10800 lb 5200 lb
998 1.560 in 150000 lb 130000 lb 10800 lb 5200 lb
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