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Steel Bushed Plain Chains

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Steel Bushed U.S. Tsubaki Steel Bushed Chains are specially designed and manufactured to provide excellent service in severe working conditions. Our chains are manufactured to close tolerances with the most modern equipment in the industry.
Each component is made from high-quality steels and then specially heat-treated to provide maximum performance and long wear life. Joint parts are hardened to provide greater strength and wear resistance. Sidebars are hardened to achieve ultra-high strength throughout.
Specify U.S. Tsubaki Steel Bushed Chains when the system operates under gritty or abrasive conditions, such as bucket elevators and other challenging conveyor applications. U.S. Tsubaki Steel Bushed Chains are also used to replace combination chains when installations are modified to handle heavier loads or operating conditions become more severe.
Dimensions are subject to change. Contact us to obtain certified prints for design and construction.

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Item #

Carga média

188 25000 lb
131 40000 lb
102B 40000 lb
102-1/2 50000 lb
111 50000 lb
111SP 50000 lb
110 40000 lb
4856 145000 lb
4857 175000 lb
4859 275000 lb
150X 100000 lb
4864 275000 lb
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