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RF Flow Conveyor Chains for FC Type Horizontal Flow Conveyor

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This chain is based on standard conveyor chain. Various types of standardized attachments are available for suitability with the conveyed material. The materials of the standard chain are identical to the DT (Basic) Series or AT Series, but other series are also available upon request.

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Item #

Average Tensile Strength - DT Basic Series

Average Tensile Strength - AT Series

RF10125-M 25300 lb 50600 lb
RF10150-M 25300 lb 50600 lb
RF6205-M 41800 lb 62700 lb
RF12200-M 41800 lb 62700 lb
RF17200-M 55000 lb 86900 lb
RF17250-M 55000 lb 86900 lb
RF26200-M 70400 lb 116600 lb
RF26250-N 67100 lb 126500 lb
RF26300-N 67100 lb 126500 lb
RF36300-M 106700 lb 152900 lb
RF36300-N N/A 194700 lb
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