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Correntes para aplicações em Máquinas de Asfalto

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Usinas De Asfalto K-11

Asphalt Plant Chains

Three types of chains are typically used in asphalt plants:
  • Inclined Scraper Conveyor Chains are used to move the asphalt mix into storage hoppers.
  • Drive Chains are used on rotating drums to mix the aggregate and asphalt.
  • Bucket Elevator Chains are used to move aggregates to stor age silos and are sometimes used to move the asphalt mix to storage hoppers.
U.S. Tsubaki supplies Inclined Scraper Conveyor Chains in 4" to 6" pitch with both K- and slotted-M-style attachments. These chains are designed and constructed to give the best combination of strength and toughness. The chains are balanced to ensure continued safe operation. Sidebars are hardened to resist the impact loading that may occur. Rollers are specially ...
Máquinas De Pavimentação De Asfalto-2

Asphalt Paving Machine Chains

Paving Machines
When hot asphalt arrives at a road construction site, the mix flows from dump trucks into the paving machine hopper. An asphalt paving machine uses a special scraper conveyor to transfer hot asphalt from the hopper to the road surface. We have designed chains specifically to fit O.E.M. equipment and to function in this hot, abrasive environment. Copyright © 2012 por Tsubaki Brasil Equipamentos Industriais Ltda. Todos os direitos reservados. Desenvolvido por NEI